all sessions are tailored to the individual, you will be supported to be authentic, to find and express what is right for you and encouraged to take responsibility for your own healing process.

zen therapy

incl: soul retrieval, negative entities and past life therapy

Central to the way i work, where you are guided to allow anything within the psyche to that would deny our wholeness to come forward, reveal itself and be healed. This can be a very deep process. much of its power comes from focusing on the solution rather than the problem - at the core of our being is the necessary power to heal and resolve our lives and this process offers a step by step encounter with the truth of this.

This method is then supported by more passive therapies like spiritual healing, touch and sound healing, where you are invited to relax and receive energy, as well as dance and movement therapies which encourage wholeness and embodiment. Some of theses are described briefly below:

sound healing

incl: shamanic journeying, dance and movement

There is nothing unusual about using music to increase well being. Bringing the art of consciousness to the properties of music is a powerful tool for healing. This is often combined with dance and movement or may be simply received by lying down and relaxing. Voice and instruments are used to to maximum effect to produce the conditions within the physical and energetic bodies to release blockages and allow change to occur. I have studied many different uses of sound sound for healing and adapted them for my own purposes.

"...these (inner) sound values are literally interwoven in an electromagnetic pattern. the sounds weave themselves through, and help form this pattern. the activity of cells within the body also causes what you might call minute explosions of interior sound. The electromagnetic and inner sound patterns are impinged upon by certain kinds of light. Together these form all form the prototype upon which and out of which, the physical body is formed. When you create a mental image it is composed of the same properties ... there is a definite connection, then, with the nature of such images and the way in which your body itself is composed." - seth, from the nature of personal reality.

spiritual healing

is the channeling of healing energy usually through the hands and underlies all therapies, or should, because it recognizes that the healing is carried out, not by the healer, who is just a conduit for whatever needs to happen, but by nature. our nature, which includes spirit.


couples and singles

"The incredible fact the world has yet to recognize is that the virgin man and woman's innocent fantasies of love, physical and all, are the truth of love. Love is that. Not just like that; love is that - which the world told you was naive. In your innocence you were right all along." - Barry Long

Tantra is unique in its wholehearted recognition of our sexuality as a natural and spiritual part of or lives and sexual energy as the basis of our creative life force, meant to flow throughout or bodies and our lives rather than confined to one narrow set of actions we usually define as sex. This has lead to the development of techniques for sexual healing, which include learning how to recognize, honor and express your own needs and boundaries, fear of intimacy,and bringing spirit, love and sex, into alignment.

Sessions are designed as appropriate to the individual,according to the reality of your situation and needs, may include for example, touch or no touch, your boundaries are respected throughout.

It also makes an excellent basis for couples counciling.

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