my whole approach to music had changed. i listened for hours to a single note and dreamed of blackboards full of information stemming from one note. the universe falling out of it. when i heard the great indian classical musicians i knew they heard the universe in a note too, it was ok, i wasn't going mad. or at least my insanity would be collective, and that my friend, is a society. maybe i belonged after all. Little did I realise what a huge workload I had taken on, no wonder so many of those guy's are so old!


patterns of time time, is cyclic, and of different kinds. in music rhythm denotes how the music intersects with physical reality, creating different flavors of time - spacetime, because you can't change one without affecting the other. This in turn alters the spacetime a society or and individual exists within, the fabric of reality is being weaved in a different way, the picture is the same but the texture is different.

within each moment rhythm defines consciousnesses unacknowledged traverse from its source through out universes and back again, following the creative impulse out to the edge of existence and rushing back home, to create the next one.

know that rhythm, and be free.


is sound physical or etheric? ask the didge. is there strength in subtly? ask the didge. what is the relationship between sound and light? ask the didge. an instrument that crosses all these thresholds and holds them as one, the deep vibrating sounds can easily be felt in the body,a bridge between sound and feeling, one reason why this instrument is very useful for healing.


in the beginning was the word...,we sing ourselves into being. there is nothing to learn about singing, only about listening. we sing ourselves into being, and there is nothing you can do about it, nothing to be done about it.

of course there is posture and breath and so on and different styles demanding different things. but if you find your voice it will teach you how to stand and breath and you will step easily into whatever technique is required.

so, can you sing your own song?
as it arises out of your inner sea. i like the term "feeltones", because i am not talking about sounds in your mind but those that arise through your body, that you feel.
what is it within you that feels like sound?
it is not difficult to find. it is only being ignored, like so much of our essential experience.