Enlightenment For All

- 3 1/2 day workshop

with Greg Branson and Robin Baldock

It seems incredible that the vast majority of people go through life without directly experiencing who they are. We think, we reason, we feel but we do not know. The traditional zen enlightenment process is geared to the needs of the eastern seeker. For the more impatient western temperament it has been shown that by fully communicating ourselves to others the direct experience of enlightenment can more easily be attained and more readily assimilated into our daily lives.

This process, lasting for three days, gives you the best possible chance to attain Self realization. It is rigorous and requires 100% effort for 17 hours each day. The time is spent in contemplative communication diads, with meal and exercise breaks in between. An impressive number of direct experiences usually result.

What is important is that it does not require any belief structure to participate, indeed preconceived ideas are a barrier to enlightenment. All you have to do is to be willing to open up to the truth, to experience yourself without all the mental and emotional baggage that you usually carry around with you. The experience is clear, powerful and usually obvious. Indeed many people give a valid answer in the first day, but answers are not the experience, and one has to go through periods of doubt, despair, anger and fear before the ego lets go and the true self is experienced directly. It is a journey well worth taking and the workshop leaders will fully support you as you plumb the depths on your path of inner discovery.

Sacred Brotherhood: Finding OurSelves as Men

Weekend workshop

By looking for the jewels within our own experience of being a man, we begin to transform the negative patterns that limit our identity.

By being in a supportive and nurturing circle of men, we can let go of the inhibitions that are all too common a feature of our relationships to each other.

And by exploring what we actually are, we can turn around a lifetime of defining ourselves by what we are not.

Through movement, music, ritual and touch:

- Uncover the creative spirit at the heart of being

- Engage your natural virility and joy as a man

- Balance and reconnect your heart and sexual energies

- Discover a sense of self that provides purpose and shape to life

- Live an effective life, stand in your own authority, embrace your personal adventure!

the creative channel

One Day Workshop
11 am till 5pm

with Robin Baldock

Understanding and refining the channelling process that facilitates creativity: The relationship between yourself and the creativity that flows through you..

This workshop will support your ability to:

- tap into the flow, create freely and spontaneously,

- understand and deal with the internal critic, fear and negativity,

- detach from and work through limitations including shyness and self sabotage.

- remain centred and open in any circumstance,

- perform without fear in front of an audience, to connect, be open, and relate to them,

- express with meaning and depth, heartfulness, passion, subtly, whatever the moment demands.

An experimental journey utilising dance, movement, performance, meditation and communication to transform limitations into further potentials.
Open to anyone who wishes to express, create, or just live with more freedom, precision, effectiveness and depth.


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